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This browser shows articles uploaded in the database, their internal identification numbers QIDs, as well as provides links to PubMed, DOI and pre-prints (if available). The registered users may also upload pdf files, which will be accessible only for them.

The users can upload new articles using PubMed ID (PMID), upload articles exported in EndNote XML, RIS or BibTex format (e.g., exported from IsiKnowledge or Scopus, most of journals also provide such options on their WWW pages) or create article records manually.

Examples of usage

* Using PubMed ID

Just type PubMed ID (PMID) in the search field and complete reference will be automatically downloaded to the database. This is the most easiest way to introduce article. If you know DOI or link to a pre-print, add them too.

* Using saved citation

The article of Nordqvist at al does not have PMID since it is not in PubMed. However, on the WWW page of this article you can find Download citation button. Thus,

The uploaded article will be shown in the browser and you can use its QID as input in your Excel file for the BATCH UPLOAD.

* Creating reference manually On the article browser click "create" button. Inn the Article editor provide as much information as you can and save the article. The journals should be selected from the list of available journals. If your journal is not there, add it manually.

* Referencing a book (chapter)

Before creating a reference to a book section, there is a need to create the book itself. Firstly, select Journal/Books. If you know ISBN number, just use type it in the search field. In most cases the information about the book will be fetched automatically. If you do not know it, try to find the ISBN number on the Internet (e.g., in Amazon, googlebook) - it will allow you to save time and efforts dramatically.

If you are unable to find ISBN or if book is not fetched, click "create" button and manually provide information about the book. Once book reference is created, go to the article browser and create reference there.