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Experimental measurements are the central entities of the OCHEM database. To introduce an experimental measurement, it is necessary to specify the measured property with units of measurement, the compound, the result of the measurement, the source of the data (scientific publication), conditions of the experiment etc.

Experimental measurements can be browsed, filtered and manipulated in Compound Property Browser


Control of data origin

There are several possibilities for data origin. In Compound Property Browser, these possibilities are encoded by color as follows:

Control of molecule names

For each name we retrieve a molecule from PubChem (the first molecule found for this name). The name-structure pairs are used to color names of analyzed molecules.

Of course, PubChem contains some mistakes. Therefore, a registered user can "sign" a name by clicking [v], i.e., he/she validates this link. When doing this he/she just confirms that analyzed structure-molecular pair is a correct one. The names "signed" by users will have a higher priority compared to names retrieved from PubChem. It is also possible to invalidate link structure-name by clicking [i] button.

Editing of records

The "edit" button allows to update and/or correct the property record. Only registered users can change records introduced by other registered user.

User information

The first an the last Registered user who edited the record is indicated at the right corner of the record. The records introduced by Guest users will not be marked.