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The Tags browser shows an overview of the TAGs available. It allows viewing, searching, and editing of tags.

Tags are non-hierarchical semantic annotations, i.e., they provide a convenient way to add meaning to the data you introduce. You can apply multiple tags to compounds and properties. TAGs to filter data are selected in Area of interest browser.

There are two types of TAGs, for

TAGs for Properties should be added in Properties browser for each property that should belong to a particular category. The TAG can be added after clicking edit icon on the browser.

TAGs for molecules can be added from Molecules browser or from Compounds properties browser. The TAGs can be added/deleted for each molecule individually, or in a batch mode. In the later case, molecules or records should be first selected and TAGs changed with corresponding button from the upper menu.

Combination of TAGs performs AND operation, i.e. only records that have all TAGs will be shown.

Currently, only one TAG can be selected for molecules.